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An Ultraviolent Colour review written by Zobo With A Shotgun

The passion behind creating something dark, disturbing and not made for the masses is something that inspires me. So many independent filmmakers try to make films that will be liked by the mainstream media just so they can get a good ROI and their name out there a bit more. Filmmakers that make movies which might be hated, but follow their dreams are people who I appreciate and praise for their hardwork and determination.

Cat 4 Collective have surprised me again with another instalment in their The Suicide Trilogy, which is a gritty look at different characters who want to send a message before taking their own lives. An Ultraviolent Colour from Sam Hel follows Emily, a young girl battling with her own personal demons and fitting into the world, who realises that by taking her life and entering the next life she will find a meaning she previously hasn’t. With the help of a videographer, she films her last moments to give the world a very raw and real message about what society really is.

An Ultraviolet Colour is designed to shock and depress the audience with its realistic filming on a handheld camera, close-up shots of Emily’s abortive emotions and a focus on the infliction of pain that she is intent on causing to herself. By presenting the audience with these destructive elements and forcing us to witness such a horrific ending, it makes us feel dirty for watching but also curious to see more of such a morbid scene.

If like me you’re a fan of exploitation films that don’t wow us with a storyline but satisfy the need to see something realistic, mortifying and full of oozing blood, then you’re going to enjoy this 20-minute film from Sam Hel. It’s clear that there are still improvements to be made from the filmmaking side of things, but the passion to continue the underground gore scene is apparent and you have to love that in itself.

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